Fly curtains made of plastic bottle caps

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These fly curtain crafts are made of beaded, recycled plastic bottle caps. Each curtain contains roughly 32 plies of 64 plastic bottle caps each, making over 2000 plastic bottle caps per curtain. A fly curtain weighs about 6 kilogram.

For more information about the technique and the materials used, see How to make a fly curtain from plastic bottle caps.

If this is too much work for you, you might consider Urban capping.

How to get all those caps?
Collecting the plastic bottle caps shouldn't be a problem now that caps are the new butts... When I go outside bicycling or walking, I can find one bottle cap each kilometer. Every. Week. :-(
I've also asked people around me to collect plastic bottle caps. This way I'm also receiving many used plastic bottle caps; people love collecting them.


1. Local event "Make Art from Waste"
2. Walking through "Heart" curtain
  1. The bottle cap curtains featured in a local event about making art from waste, d.d. 2 juni 2012.
  1. Video of walking through "Heart" bottle caps curtain hanging in an orchard.


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