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I have an audio cd-r, containing only one song. Is it possible to add tracks to this audio-cd, just as I can add data to a multisession data-cd?


You can add sessions to an audio-cd, but regular audio CD players only look at the first session. So while modern CD players (which for instance also understand MP3) and CD-ROM drives might be able to play a multisession audio cd, older CD players probably might not: it depends on your CD player. To be sure, do not burn multisession audio cds.

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I tried to add another 4 songs to the audio-cd with the command:

sudo cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd speed=2 -multi -audio -pad -v *.wav

Afterwards, the CD player was unable to see the additional 4 songs. My Hiteker DVD player showed a total of 5 songs, but was unable to play songs 2-5. Lesson learned is to NOT use the -multi parameter, because after I did this (leave out the -multi):

sudo cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd -pad -v -audio 1.wav -audio 2.wav -audio 3.wav -audio 4.wav

the CD player was still unable to see the additional (now) 8 songs. But my DVD player was able to play songs 6-9.

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