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I've come across an old Compaq keyboard with this `Erase-Eaze Split Spacebar Feature'. Which means the spacebar is split in two, and the left half of the divided spacebar functions as a backspace key.
How can I reconfigure the spacebar so that each half of the spacebar functions as a traditional spacebar?


  • Linux (Debian 4.0)
  • Compaq numbers:
    • international: 247430-B31
    • spare part number: 247432-B31


Table 1: Erase-Eaze Key Modes
"To program the Erase-Eaze key for use in other modes, press and hold the Alt+Ctrl+Shift keys on the left side of the keyboard. Then press the left-half of the divided spacebar to cycle through the following modes:

              Left-Half of       Right-Half of
   Mode       Divided Spacebar   Divided Spacebar
-----------   ----------------   ----------------
A (default)   Backspace          Forward space
B             Forward space      Backspace
C             Forward space      Forward space"

Fortunately the setting remains when the computer is restarted.



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