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When trying to access a dar archive, dar gives me the error message:

FATAL error, aborting operation
too large elastic buffer or elastic buffer incoherent structure

It appears that typing a password starting with a colon (:) causes the error.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a dar archive

cd /tmp
# Create colon.1.dar with colon-password ':abc'
# NOTE: Password will become 'abc'.
dar -K:abc --include foobar -c colon
# Create nocolon.1.dar with no-colon-password 'abc'
dar -Kabc --include foobar -c nocolon
# Try listing the archives, ask for password
dar -K: -l colon # SURPRISE: The password now is 'abc', not ':abc'
dar -K: -l nocolon # The password is 'abc'


  • dar-2.4.8


It appears that dar 'eats' the colon (:) as cipher-algorithm-delimiter. From the dar manpage:

-K, --key [[<algo>]:]<string>
    encrypt/decrypt  the  archive using the <algo> cipher with the <string> as
    pass phrase. An encrypted archive can only be read if the same pass phrase
    is given. Available ciphers are "blowfish"  (alias "bf"), "aes",
    "twofish", "serpent" and "camellia" for strong encryption and "scrambling"
    (alias "scram") for a very weak encryption. By default if no <algo> or no
    ':'  is  given, the blowfish cipher is assumed. If your password contains
    a column ':' you need to specify the cipher to use (or at least use the
    initial ':' which is equivalent  to 'bf:').  If  the  <string> is empty
    the pass phrase will be asked at execution time. Thus, the smallest
    argument that -K can receive is ':' which means blowfish cipher with the
    pass phrase asked at execution time.

If you want to use a password starting with a colon, you have to specify an additional colon:

# Create archive
dar -K::abc --include foobar -c colon
# List archive
dar -K: -l colon # Password is ':abc'

Or even better, specify "aes" cipher for stronger encryption:

# Create archive
dar -Kaes::abc --include foobar -c colon
# List archive
dar -Kaes: -l colon # Password is ':abc'

Please note that you have to specify the cipher. Otherwise, dar doesn't detect the used cipher and will give the error again:

$ # ERROR: Dar uses blowfish instead of aes-cipher
$ dar -K: -l colon # You should use: dar -Kaes: -l colon
Archive colon requires a password: 
Warning, the archive colon has been encrypted. A wrong key is not possible
to detect, it would cause DAR to report the archive as corrupted
FATAL error, aborting operation
elastic buffer incoherent structure

Or even better, don't use colons at all in your dar-password...


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