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My key

To communicate with me using GPG, please use the key below.

pub   1024D/10A575C3 2005-10-08
      Key fingerprint = D184 B16A 372E 1BE5 6DA9  9115 FE93 B900 10A5 75C3
uid                  Fredrikus J C Vulto (FVu) <>
uid                  Freddy Vulto <>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 3106]
sub   2048g/9B01BC22 2005-10-08
sub   2048R/9550BEB0 2008-03-30 [expires: 2012-03-29]
sub   2048R/2E7B4EE1 2008-03-31 [expires: 2012-03-30]

You can import it from here (ascii armored).

My public key should be downloadable from as well. Search for "0x10A575C3".

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