HDD/DVD recorders with ethernet connection

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I'm looking for a HDD/DVD recorder.

Whish list

1. HDD storage 2. Ethernet connection 3. Web browser 4. Silent



I've heard about KiSS delivering Linux devices with an additional network connection.

Cisco acquired KiSS in July 2005 for its LinkSys division.

From this KiSS 1600 review by Computeract!ve it shows the KiSS 1600 lacks HDD storage, a web browser and a fast Wifi connection (802.11n).

From this KiSS 600 review by Computeract!ve it shows the KiSS 600 generates noise.

The KiSS DP-558 seems to deliver everything I'm looking for, or is it outdated?

Same question in forum Dec 2007 but no answers yet.

Perhaps the Helios X3000, but it looks like it can't record?


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