Installing Ubuntu 7.04 on Pentium II

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I have this old Pentium II 266 MHz which is too slow for Windows XP or Windows Vista: mp3 files won't play without hick-ups. But instead of throwing things away, maybe I can install Ubuntu 7.04 and satisfy my parents with this web-computer?


  • Pentium II 266 MHz (Klamath - 80522PX266512EC SL2HE 18050361-479 Phillipines)
  • Motherboard Asus P2L97
  • Memory: 256 Mb
  • Graphic card: Matrox G4+M4A 16DG REV.202B MT00820
  • Hard drive: Seagate Medalist 6424, Model ST36424A, 6,448 MBytes
  • CDROM: FX4820T
  • CDROM: Samsung CD-R/RW SW-252B
  • Sweex internal card reader
  • Power supply: Meridian Technology Corp., Model: CWT-235ATX (235W MAX) +3.3/14A +5/22A +12/8A -12/1A -5/0.5A +5SB/1.5A
  • Monitor: M38 ONLD 15" CRT, 30-66 KHz, 50-90 Hz
  • Measured power consumption, without monitor:
    • 'off': 2 W
    • running Ubuntu 7.04 with Firefox: 47.4-65 W



Ubuntu 7.04 installs just fine. Mp3 files play all right without any hick-ups, contrary to Windows :-)

Video files don't play in Totem, especially the proprietary Windows formats (wmv, asf). But after installing additional Gstreamer codecs, Totem plays them as well.


After installation, the monitor vertical refresh rate is set to 800x600 at 60 Hz. How can I set this to > 70 Hz?


Ati, Matrox MergedFB - Ubuntu Forums
Dual monitor forum question, but with hint for "Monitor" section

Edit sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add these lines to the "Monitor" section:

$> diff -u xorg.conf.orig xorg.conf
--- xorg.conf.orig      2007-07-01 19:42:48.000000000 +0200
+++ xorg.conf   2007-07-01 19:10:30.000000000 +0200
@@ -90,6 +90,8 @@

 Section "Monitor"
        Identifier    "M38 ONLD"
+       Horizsync     30-66  # Change this values to fit your specific monitor
+       Vertrefresh   50-90
        Option        "DPMS"

Now I can select 1024x768 at 75 Hz.


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