LibreOffice: Error saving the document with XML filter

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I've modified the MediaWiki XML Filter, and when I try to export a document, LibreOffice shows me this error:

LibreOffice 3.5
Error saving the document: Write Error.
The file could not be written.


First, I have the find out what is the real error. This can be done by starting LibreOffice from the command line. Then - generating the error by exporting the document - the command line will display more detail:

I/O warning : failed to load external entity "file://./math/mmltex.xsl"
compilation error: file file://./odt2wiki.xslt line 802 element include
xsl:include : unable to load file://./math/mmltex.xsl

Now I can solve the error by copying the original ./sun-wiki-publisher.oxt/filter/math/ directory to my modified XML filter.