Motherboard MS-6340 VER:1 (erp 140): Computer stops responding

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Within 2 hours after startup, the computer stops working: the screen turns black and mouse/keyboard don't respond.

Rebooting doesn't work either. Within 2 seconds after power up, the motherboard powers down the hardddisk and produces a small click coming from a round black device named SAT-1205.

Only after a couple of hours the computer will boot again.

I can see bad capacitors (Chhsi 2700 uF, 6.3 V, diameter: 10 mm, height: 22 mm) on my motherboard.


Ms-6340 badcap3.jpg Ms-6340 badcap2.jpg Ms-6340 badcap1.jpg

I'm concerned about the following capacitors:

  • 2x 4700uF/6.3V, brand `Chhsi' (these look good)
  • 4x 2700uF/6.3V, brand `Chhsi' (swollen/bulged heads)


The capacitors turn out to be bad capacitors;

1. Consider replacing the motherboard - and probably the processor as well. Perhaps something more energy-efficient? The MS-6340 processor range burns 70 Watt while standing idle...

MS-6340 140 good capacitors.jpg
2. Are you reluctant throwing away things, just like me? You can always try to replace the faulty capacitors with new ones.

Contact MSI support. They were kind enough to send me new capacitors:

  • 4x 2700uF/6.3V, brand `3DVDK'
  • 2x 4700uF/6.3V, brand `nichicon'

You can consider to replace the capacitors yourself following these guidelines or use the repair service.

If you can't get the capacitors through MSI support, here's another place to buy them, e.g. Panasonic EEUFC0J272S. (€ 0.89) or Panasonic EEUFC0J272S (€ 1,20)

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The FDD connector was connected the wrong way: the flat cable red side was connected to pin 33-34.


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Tried to install Ubuntu 7.10 on the repaired motherboard. Before installation was completed, the computer shut down and I was unable to power up the motherboard again, facing the same problem: within two seconds after bootup you hear one beep and the motherboard shuts down.


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