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I want Mutt to store sent mail in the current folder



How can I store sent messages in the mailbox I'm currently in?

Within info muttrc I read this:

    Type: quadoption
    Default: yes

    This  variable  controls  whether or not copies of your outgoing
    messages  will  be  saved  for  later  references.    Also   see
    $record”, “$save_name”, “$force_name” and “fcc-hook”.


This page :: unix :: mail: talks of patch, but this patch seems of 2001 and applicable to mutt-1.2 whereas I'm running mutt-1.5.9i.

It has to be something like this in my .muttrc:

folder-hook . set record=%f/sent


It looks like %f is evaluated only once at mutt-startup. What's the muttrc shortcut for the current folder?

It has been asked before: Re: recording outgoing mail to current folder.

Here it says "^" should point to the current folder, but that's been integrated since mutt-1.5.10 and I'm running mutt-1.5.9i.


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