SuSE 10.0: Madplay gone

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After upgrading to SuSE 10.0 I've lost madplay: a command line audio player. And it seemed I'm not able to play sound at all.


  • Reinstalled sound card using YaST
  • chmod o+rw /dev/mixer



Installed xmms. Executing xmms shows:

/usr/lib/xmms/General/ undefined symbol: irapp_thread
** WARNING **: alsa_get_mixer(): Attaching to mixer hw:0 failed: No such device

The kmixer icon in the tray appears to be disabled. Reboot? ... Kaffeine shows this error:

All Audio Drivers failed to initialize!

According to YaST, an audio card is installed:

nForce2 AC97 Audio Controller (MCP)
Configured as sound card number 0
Driver snd-intel8x0

Found sound problem here. My sound card is detected all right though. My speakers should definitely be plugged in the green connecter though... Still the KMix 'current mixer' dropdownlistbox is empty... Now when I start xmms, I'm left with only one error, (no warning anymore):

/usr/lib/xmms/General/ undefined symbol: irapp_thread

Found an answer here. As root KMix does work. Did a chmod o+rw /dev/mixer and now KMix works for my user login as well.


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