To single-space or double-space?

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There is this ongoing debate on whether to put one space or two spaces after a period.

I am a two spacer, because I type data – not typography:

  • Most of the time, I'm using monospaced fonts for typing data.  Monospaced fonts lack good typography by design, because they're... monospaced.  I like my monospaced sentences nicely separated with two spaces.  I expect the computer to figure out how to space this data when shown in a proportional font – as does HTML.  If only there was an easy way in HTML to specify two spaces in a monospaced font...
  • The computer does a better job of parsing my data if I end a sentence with dot-space-space. This way the computer can differ between the end of a sentence and abbreviations in the middle of a sentence. Take for example these sentences:
"...the fundamentals of code coverage in .NET.  Code coverage is a way to..."
"...Ubuntu 6.10 offers a cleaner, sharper..."

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