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The current CPU fan is making too much noise. Can I replace it with a more silent one?



It's a socket A (462) processor.


Wanted to buy a Arctic Cooling Copper Silent III at the local computer shop for just € 11,- but they weren't sold anymore. Bought a ThermalTake TR2-M3 SE instead.


Read this review: TTR2TT's TR2-M3 Heatsink.


Error messages in /var/log/messages:

Jan 29 10:54:46 linux modprobe: WARNING: /sensors line 15: ignoring bad line starting        
                with '/usr/bin/sensors'
Jan 29 10:54:46 linux modprobe: WARNING: /sensors line 15: ignoring bad line starting 
                with '/usr/bin/sensors'
Jan 29 10:54:46 linux modprobe: WARNING: /sensors line 15: ignoring bad line starting
                with '/usr/bin/sensors'
Jan 29 10:54:47 linux rcpowersaved: CPU frequency scaling is not supported by your     
Jan 29 10:54:47 linux rcpowersaved: enter 'CPUFREQD_MODULE=off' in
                /etc/sysconfig/powersave/cpufreq to avoid this warning.
Jan 29 10:54:47 linux rcpowersaved: Cannot load cpufreq governors - No cpufreq driver 
Jan 29 10:54:47 linux [powersave]: ERROR (CPUFreq_Kernel:21) Can not set ondemand 
                governor, maybe your cpufreq driver is too slow.

Again: sensors-detect. One line was added to /etc/sysconfig/sensors.

# Generated by sensors-detect on Thu Dec 29 11:44:59 2005


# Generated by sensors-detect on Sun Jan 29 11:12:09 2006

Error messages are caused by line /usr/bin/sensors -s in /etc/modprobe.conf.local.

If I manually do a modprobe i2c-nforce I get the same error message. So I think the command sensors shouldn't be in modprobe.conf.local. I think this line is to check sensors at boot time. Removed it. Reboot...

Errors in modprobe.conf.local reported in /var/log/messages. Commented all lines. Reboot...

No more error messages, but very limited output from sensors.

Run sensors-detect again. /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors now contains:

# Generated by sensors-detect on Sun Jan 29 13:07:29 2006

Reboot... Now sensors gives nice long output again. So MODULE_1=asb100 seems essential. But the entire modprobe.conf.local is commented...

How can I increase the CPU temperature to test sensors readings?

Found package cpuburn.

What is the maximum CPU temperature?

Found answer at The Heatsink Guide - All about PC cooling. Maximum temperature for my AMD XP 2000+ is 90°C.

With cpuburn running, this is the sensors output:

linux:~ # sensors
Adapter: SMBus nForce2 adapter at 5500
VCore 1:   +1.62 V  (min =  +1.52 V, max =  +1.68 V)
+3.3V:     +3.38 V  (min =  +3.14 V, max =  +3.47 V)
+5V:       +4.92 V  (min =  +4.76 V, max =  +5.24 V)
+12V:     +11.80 V  (min = +10.82 V, max = +13.19 V)
-12V (reserved):
          -12.32 V  (min =  -0.00 V, max =  -0.00 V)
-5V (reserved):
           -5.17 V  (min =  -0.00 V, max =  -0.00 V)
CPU Fan:  5818 RPM  (min = 1997 RPM, div = 4)
Chassis Fan:
          3729 RPM  (min = 3994 RPM, div = 2)
Power Fan:   0 RPM  (min = 3994 RPM, div = 2)
M/B Temp:    +51°C  (high =   +45°C, hyst =   +40°C)
CPU Temp (Intel):
             +24°C  (high =   +60°C, hyst =   +50°C)
Power Temp:
              -0°C  (high =   +45°C, hyst =   +40°C)
CPU Temp (AMD):
             +25°C  (high =   +60°C, hyst =   +50°C)
vid:      +1.600 V  (VRM Version 9.0)

Strange enough, it's the M/B Temp which is rising, not the CPU Temp?

Killed burnK7. Within 10 minutes the M/B Temp dropped to 36°C.

Tried the same on motherboard MS-6340 Micro-ATX with AMD Athlon 800 MHz processor, but apparently no sensors are available since I don't receive any temperature readings by sensors. Replaced the CPU fan anyway; a CoolerMaster CM12V 001006DA with a ThermalTake TR2-M3 SE.

I don't hear a difference! What did I replace? It looks like a CoolerMaster DP5-6I11A. Page says 33 dBA. With just 21 dBA for the ThermalTake I feel okay, but am a bit disappointed I can still hear my PC very well.

Found this review of 65 Socket A Coolers Benchmarking, 2002-2003.
And here's another review SocketA Coolers Roundup. Q1`2004.
Found the SpireCoolers website and the FalconRock II in particular. I can buy this one for EUR 8,95 against EUR 12,50 for the ThermalTake TR2-M3 SE.

Specifications Spire FalconRock II:

  • fan dimension: 80x80x25mm
  • heatsink dimension: 80x80x44mm
  • rated voltage: 12VDC
  • current: 0.09 A
  • rated power: 1.08 W
  • fan speed: 2300 RPM +/-10%
  • airflow: 28.0CFM
  • noise: 25.0 dBA
  • connector: 3 pin

Specifications ThermalTake TR2-M3 SE:

  • fan dimension: 80x80x25mm
  • rated voltage: 12VDC
  • started voltage: 6VDC
  • rated current: 0.14A
  • power input: 1.68W
  • fan speed: 2500+/-10%RPM
  • airflow: 32.4CFM
  • noise: 21 dBA
  • dimension: 80x80x75.5mm
  • connector: 3 pin


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