How to get window title in linux?

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I want to get the window title of the current application. This is because I want to run an automated test to make sure the window title has changed.



Get window title in linux
Same question on Experts Exchange website. Answer seems to be Window Manager specific. Suggestion to use `editres' application for KDE (Trolltech Qt). But I'm using Gnome, and a cross-window manager solution would be very nice :-)
Terminal Emulator Security Issues
Security report warning about possible exploit when "Window Title Reporting" is available. So escape sequences are a no-go.
XtermControl - Dynamically Control Xterm Properties
Found binary package which claims to be able to report window title. But it seems to be using escape sequences as well, because on gnome-terminal the title is always reported as "Terminal" (via xtermcontrol --get-title) even after a xtermcontrol --title foo.


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