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I want to show my code in MediaWiki with syntax highlighting.



Install the Vim MediaWiki Syntax highlighting extension.


Follow this procedure:

  1. Load the code in Vim
  2. Issue these Vim commands:
:syntax on                  " Make sure syntax highlighting is enabled
:set nonumber               " Disable possible line numbering
:colorscheme default        " Use the default colors
:runtime! syntax/2html.vim  " Convert to HTML (or from gVim menu: {Syntax | Convert to HTML})
:%s/<br>$//                 " Remove 
's at end of line
  1. Manually remove possible generated HTML-links which have been generated out of http:// links in code.
  2. Within the resulting HTML file, indent the contents of the <body> block with one space.
  3. Copy the contents of the <body> block to MediaWiki. Leave out the outer 'monospace' definition.

See also

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Found Vim syntax highlighing extension in MediaWiki subversion repository.


Tried setting a different color scheme, e.g. `pablo':

$/var/lib/mediawiki-1.11.0/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_vim> cat vimrc.vim
syntax on
set encoding=utf8
set uc=0 " Disable swap files
set background=dark
colorscheme pablo

but it appears all gui colors are converted to the standard set of 16 non-gui terminal colors.

You can use css by specifying in vimrc.vim:

let html_use_css=1


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