Vim-rails: E492: Not an editor command: Rmodel

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Within Vim, if i do:

:Rmodel user

Vim gives an error:

E492: Not an editor command: Rmodel user


  • Vim-8
  • dotbot-1.17.0-1-g5d83f9e
  • vim-rails-5.4-196-g64befc6


It appears :Rmodel is deprecated, and is replaced by a whole set of new commands: :Vmodel, :Tmodel, etc.

After having upgraded my dotfiles, I forgot to clear up the Vim documentation directory (rm ~/.vim/doc). That is to say, Vim command :helptags ALL added the file 'doc/tags' to my git submodules:

$ git status
modified:   vim/pack/plugins/start/DrawIt (untracked content)

Some plugins have 'doc/tags' in .gitignore:

$ cat pack/plugins/start/vim-rails/.gitignore

but where this isn't the case, I need to add:

ignore = dirty

to my .gitmodules (from:



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